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Short Guided Meditations - Just Breathe and Let It All Go

If you've read The Calm Code, you already know that guided meditation is great for everyone. Whether you're a beginner or just want an easy, accessible way to meditate - Dr. Annie made these guided meditations for you.

 Guided Meditations

Simple 3 Minute Guided Meditation

Use this simple guided meditation to relax instantly. Just listen, breathe, and let it all go.

Great Guided Meditation to Calm Stress - 8 minutes 

Learn a fantastic breathing technique AND the most important times to use it.

Use White Light Relax in 3 Minutes

This white light meditation is powerful to help you relax on the spot.

3 Minute Guided Meditation

If you're feeling down, lonely, stressed, anxious - do this quick 3 minute meditation to feel better instantly.

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