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 Ditch High Stress and Overwhelm
A Free Masterclass with Dr. Annie

What if you could finally break free of anxiety, high stress, and overwhelm?

From today on - you don't have to feel this way...

The sleepless nights. And wondering why you feel so crummy.

Restore Sleep picture .jpg

The guilt of having snapped at your family or even some strangers...

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The anxiety and feeling that you're not in control.


Not having the energy for the people you love or having fun.

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The miserable feeling that no matter what -  you'll never get it all done - which piles on even more stress and overwhelm.

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It's all about to be behind you.

In this free in-depth Masterclass, you learn 3 ESSENTIAL tools to kick stress, overwhelm and anxious feelings to the curb.

Without medication or the typical reduce stress advice like eating healthier or exercising more - when you're super stressed you just want cookies and a couch!

Here's the truth...

We all know we live in a stressful world! But when you train your mind to react in a balanced way, you can gracefully handle the stressful, overwhelming things that come your way.

After you watch this 60 minute Masterclass you'll...


Discover a revolutionary and proven system to dramatically reduce high stress and overwhelm so you can feel relaxed, happy, and truly alive.

Get simple tools you can use every day to lower stress INSTANTANEOUSLY.


Learn how to manage your emotions and reactions in the moment so you won't be the cause of your relationship needing therapy - (or your kids, either).


Adopt an optimistic outlook on life so you don't think the worst, go directly into a worry cycle, or revert to disaster mode the instant something goes wrong.


FINALLY find a solid way to deal with anxious moments, high stress, and overwhelm & find the relaxed, joyful existance you long for. Let's get your sparkle back!


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Start feeling better today.

My overwhelm is GONE. Life is so much more in balance and I'm actually having fun again.


I found this when I was going through a very hard time. My stress and overwhelm were out of control. The tools really helped me get through it and now that I'm on the other side, I'm feeling better than I have in a long time - thanks to the tools. I'm grateful to have found it.


Hi, I'm Dr. Annie

How do I know this works?

Because I needed it myself.

Picture of me a little bigger.png

I was there too - feeling overwhelmed, super stressed, irritable, frustrated, anxious, unhappy, not able to enjoy my life - 


I'd become a person I didn't recognize, and worse, someone I didn't want to be.

It happened without me even realizing it!

So I get it.

I knew I risked damaging my relationships, losing myself and my sanity if I didn't find a way to take back control of my emotions, reactions and life.

I'm a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, and in my office, I saw the evidence that everything from pain to allergies is made significantly worse by stress.


Yet, there weren't any effective strategies out there to fix it- for good.  So I spent a decade designing a program that IS a fix based on the science of neuroplasticity. I knew that my patients would never be able to heal or be truly happy without it.

Little did I know that I'd need it myself.

My Masterclass will teach you three concrete tools that can scale back your feelings of stress and overwhelm so you can feel calm, optimistic, energized, and clear-headed.

I don't want you to look back in 6 months and regret going so long feeling this way - feeling bad for snapping at the ones you love (maybe even some strangers), the constant tension and worry, the pounds you've gained, the fear and anxiety, the guilt over the to-do list that just isn't getting done, or not being able to be your best self (or someone you even like) and enjoy your life.

Instead, I want you to wake up every morning, confident that you have the tools and teachings to eliminate your high stress and overwhelm - they're toxic and they have to go. I've been there and I want to help you feel better, too.

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