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Free visualizations to guide and inspire you

If you've read The Calm Code book, you know that the Emagica Technique is a powerful visualization tool to transform your mind and life. Below you'll find videos that guide you through the technique! They'll help you manifest a relaxed, happy, balanced mind and your best life.

Powerful Guided Visualizations

Find the Love of Your Life

Use this emagica video if you're looking for the love of your life or you'd like changes in your current partner - works for both!

Get Your Dream Job

Use this powerful guided visualization to find a new, fantastic job fast!

Get Pregnant Faster

If you're trying to get pregnant use this guided visualization daily.  If you know anyone wanting to get pregnant, give her this - she'll love you for it!

 Money and Abundance

Use this guided visualization for more money, abundance, and wealth.

Get Your Dream Home

Use this guided visualization for your next home, a vacation home or your ultimate dream house.

Decrease Your Pain

This guided visualization will help decrease your pain levels if you use it every day .

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