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Do you want to dramatically lower your stress & anxiety?

Hi there.

I'm Dr. Annie.

My hunch is that you may be here because you want help lowering your stress & anxiety.

You're not alone.
I've been there myself. Anxious, snapping at people I love, spinning out over every worry, sad, overwhelmed, having negative thoughts more often... You're smart to do something about it now before it can cause major damage.

High stress destroyed my business and caused my husband to walk out on me.

The tools in The Calm Code saved my marriage and probably my life. Once I saw how well they worked, it became my mission to put these tools into the hands of everyone who needs them.


Dr. Annie's been Seen On...

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Want to dramatically lower your stress & anxiety? Grab your copy of The Calm Code today

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You know them.

They're truly happy and love their life

Stressful things happen but they reacts in a balanced way.

What's the secret?

It seems like their mind is wired differently.

That's because it is.

And yours can be, too.

Watch Annie on Jack Canfield's show! He's the bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul - he loves the book!

Dramatically lowering stress & anxiety is within reach.

Even if it seems about as possible as a sixteen-week vacation in the Caribbean.

Whether you've been stressed out for years...


Or you're simply searching for the laid-back, happy life you've always wanted.

This is a step-by-step method that can transform your mind & your life..


A little voice might be saying:

I'm afraid it won't work for me.

I'm worried, frustrated, I've tried so many things.

If that's how you feel, you can rest assured that this is a clear way forward to free yourself of high stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. It's based on solid science.


After you finish the 6 week step by step process in The Calm Code, people will be saying, "What's your secret? You seem so relaxed and happy."

The Calm Code doesn't use typical remedies like eating healthy, exercising, or trying to get better sleep.

(These are almost impossible when you're stressed & anxious - you just want chips and a comfy couch while you binge-watch Netflix.)


This is a proven solution based on the science of the brain.


You'll get a step-by-step method to become the laid-back, happy person you've always dreamed of being. 


And it's less than what you'd pay for two fancy coffees!

Grab Chapter 1 Free

"I'm more relaxed than I've been since gradeschool"

"I LOVE  the Calm Code. When I started it my stress levels were through the roof and I wasn't happy very often. It's eleven weeks later and I'm psyched to say that I'm relaxed, happier, and more in balance than I've been in a very long time! - definitely, since I had my two sons, and I feel happy, truly happy. Now that's exciting!"



Courtney L

Smiling Woman

If you're saying - how is this possible?
You're asking the right question.

Science has proven that your mind transforms with every thought you think.

It's called Neuroplasticity.

Except sometimes it's not.

When you're constantly stressed, anxious and worried - you're consistently strengthening those (neural) pathways) parts of your mind. 

You've probably heard neurons that fire together wire together. Each stressful, worried, negative, anxious thought strengthens those pathways in your mind.

Then, as you may have noticed, you become more and more stressed, anxious, and worried. You inadvertently train your mind to be that way with every thought.

How do you fix it?
(Here's the great news part!)

That's where The Calm Code comes into play.
With fun, easy tools, you can train your mind to be truly relaxed and happy.

The result? You're peaceful and joyful instead of constantly stressed out, anxious, overwhelmed, irritable, or losing it with the people you love.

After you finish The Calm Code, when stressful things come up (as they will), you'll respond in a balanced way. You'll be calmer and happier than you've been in a long time - possibly ever.

Get ready to fall in love with your life. 


Want to live your best life?

You're on your way! The Calm Code is the first of its kind to give you a step-by-step blueprint to train your mind to be calm and happy instead of stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. 
Science-backed techniques that are easy to follow and fun to do.

girl at computer.jpg

With The Calm Code you'll:

Halt outbursts and irritability.

You'll understand why you feel the way you do.  And then you'll get everything you need to fix it. No more losing your marbles over tiny, insignificant things.


Say goodbye to stress ruining your relationships

With tools to handle stressful, challenging times with grace and ease. IF your kids ever need therapy, it won't be your fault!


Get your energy back

High stress creates a loop of guilt and overwhelm for never getting it all done -it's exhausting! You'll exit that cycle - watch your energy skyrocket.


Quit worrying and spinning out.

You'll say goodbye to anxious, fearful, gloomy thoughts. 


Your life will improve in so many ways

Your health, relationships, career, motivation, sleep, abundance, creativity, energy, and so much more... 


The Calm Code teaches you the tools you've been looking for to stay centered, balanced and happy.

You'll feel relaxed, joyful, and love your life.
Start feeling better today.

Readers are big fans...

People love The Calm Code - here's what they're saying...

"I DOUBLED my income!"

I have my own business and within six months of starting The Calm Code program, I doubled my income! My stress levels are way down and my anxiety is the lowest it's been in a very long time. And I was super overwhelmed before I started it. My pain levels have decreased significantly! I feel supported knowing that I have access to tools and teachings the helped change my life."

Stephanie Christofferson

Screen Shot 2021-06-23 at 6_edited_edited.jpg
Woman on a Towel

"I lost 22 stubborn pounds"

My favorite part of The Calm Code program are the Emagica Audios. I love the one for having your ideal body - I lost 22 pounds! 

Lindsay Smith

"I got a new job!"

I hated my job - it stressed me out. I did the audio from The Calm Code to help find a new job and I'm not kidding, I got hired by a new company ten days after starting it. 

Gavin Stuart

Businessman Portrait


You can physically train your mind to be calm and happy.

It's true! Each new tool in The Calm Code strengthens your calm and happy neural pathways.**

Did you know?

The Calm Code is the secret you've been looking for - now you can take steps every day to feel in control and at peace.


The Calm Code

Calm stress stress relief social

Welcome to The Calm Code

Set yourself up for success to eliminate high stress and overwhelm, reduce anxiety, clear irritability, lower pain levels -- in just 6 weeks.

Why 6 weeks? Because you're training your mind to be calm, happy and balanced using daily exercises based on the science of Neuroplasticity - in under 17 minutes a day! A physical trainer wouldn't promise you six-pack abs in 3 weeks right? Same idea here.

Your health will improve, too. Readers have reported elimination of chronic pain, weight loss, improvement of digestive issues, sleep, and more...

Neuroplasticity - Scientific Reason The Calm Code Works SO Well.

Get the motivation you need and know you're doing the right thing for yourself and your life. We'll teach you how this method works so well. All based on science.

You'll be confident that every step you take in the Calm Code is leading you to become the relaxed, joyful person you've always wanted to be.

The Calm Code Works


Based on Neuroplasticity and the science of the brain, it's a step-by-step approach built upon science-based techniques to relieve your stress, anxiety and overwhelm to build a calm, happy mind and love your life.

These techniques are the manual code to physically train your brain -- the results are life changing.

The Calm Code is different from anything you've tried.

people clapping.jpg
Restore Medical no more pain picture.jpg

 The Calm Code - Transform your mind.

Change Your Life

Isn't it time for stress and anxiety to stop damaging your relationships, your health, and your life? 

After you get the book, you'll immediately get a step-by-step blueprint that will transform your mind to change your life.

The Calm Code will not only train your mind to eliminate high stress and overwhelm, it will also help you create a life you love.

Think about it! Every great change or transformation ALWAYS began with a decision.


Have you ever considered that one of the biggest reasons you're struggling is because you've been unwilling to make a decision and back that decision with committed action? 


How valuable is it when you simply give yourself the opportunity to CHOOSE? Choose to solve this problem or not.  


And that’s what you’ll need to do: Decide.  


If you already have a life you love and feel relaxed, truly happy and balanced every day... you don’t need this - you need to be celebrating! 


But, if you currently have high stress running (and ruining) your life, then your options are simple:


You can choose to do nothing... and then of course nothing changes.

(Science says things may even get worse)  


OR you can choose to do something about it.  


You can ignore and avoid your problems altogether and hope that they will magically go away. Which we know is not a thing.


OR you get 100% Committed to doing something about it!  


If you choose the latter, then it's time to get excited!


If you put this off, what will change? Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".


Grab your copy today for less than the price of 3 fancy coffees and start seeing your life transform by doing something different. Something proven. Something effective.


If you wait, The Calm Code will pop into your mind every time you're feeling stressed and miserable.


You'll eventually come back and get the book, but why wait?

(And let stress ruin even one more day)

Don't let procrastination win.


Wake up tomorrow feeling optimistic, motivated and confident that you're  finally on the right path.

You found The Calm Code for a reason.

If you're saying to yourself "this sounds incredible but I'm still not 100% sure", keep reading...

You should grab a copy of The Calm Code if any of the following hits home with you...

You're tired of missing out  because you're sad, unmotivated and don't feel like being social. You want to laugh and have fun again.

You know you're capable of so much but the stress, overwhelm or anxiety holds you back from your true potential. You want a proven success plan to step back into your life and power & shed the limitations you feel now.


You've tried gratitude journals, yoga, meditation, taking more walks, getting better sleep - all the things BUT they didn't quite do the trick.


You want to be present for those you love. You're aching to have the energy and headspace to be there for them again.


You want control of your emotions -  learn new skills to ensure your mind is calm, happy, and balanced going forward. So you can feel and act in ways that enrich your life - instead of implode it.



arches sunset picture.jpg

Isn't it finally time to be happy and love your life?

I have the secret to a happy, relaxed life. No, really. I do.

Hi, I'm Dr. Annie


I've been there - feeling overwhelmed, super stressed, irritable, frustrated, anxious, sad, grumpy, not able to enjoy my life - I call it living in Stressville.


I'd become a person I didn't recognize, and worse, someone I didn't want to be.

I get it.

I knew I risked damaging my relationships, losing myself, my marriage, and my sanity if I didn't find a way to stop the high-stress, overwhelm, anxiety, irritability nightmare.

I'm a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Eastern Medicine, and in my office, I saw the evidence that everything from pain to allergies is made significantly worse by stress.


Yet, there weren't any effective strategies out there to fix high stress levels - for good.  So I spent a decade designing a program that IS a fix based on the root cause of stress. I knew that my patients would never be truly happy or healthy without it.

Little did I know that I'd need it myself. I followed this program step-by-step and not only saved my marriage, I became more relaxed and happy than ever. It's fabulous because it's based on science.

​Don't look back in 6 months and regret letting stress ruin your life for even one more day. With The Calm Code, you'll stop feeling: highly stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, guilty for snapping at the ones you love, constant tension and worry, sadness and frustration, horrible about the to-do list that just isn't getting done, or just not being able to be your best self (or someone you even like) and enjoy your life.

Instead, you'll wake up tomorrow confident that you have the tools to eliminate your high stress, anxiety and overwhelm - and create a life you love. High stress is toxic to your body and your relationships - it's got to go. I've been there and I will help you, too.

If your answer is "Yes, Dr. Annie help me do this, too!" then grab your copy. We got this.

"My anxiety and overwhelm are gone!"

"The Calm Code changed my life, and I don't say that lightly. When I started the program I was very anxious, unmotivated, overwhelmed, and in pain - physical pain. My anxiety and overwhelm are gone. My motivation is back and my pain levels went from an 8-9 to about a 1! If you've ever lived with chronic pain you'll know how awesome that is! I also got a raise at work. People say that I seem like a different person! I highly recommend it ."

Kasia Bates

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