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Give me 60 days and I'll show you exactly how to...

Ready to get pregnant?


Optimize your body AND mind so you can get pregnant easily

 I've been helping women get pregnant for 17 years. When you finish my eight-week program you'll have everything you need to get pregnant easily.
I'm so sure this works, I back it with a three-year money back guarantee.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Annie
Ready to get pregnant

You're on your way! The Fertility Formula is THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE FERTILITY program available.  It gives you a step-by-step blueprint to optimize your mind AND body for fertility. 
Science-backed methods that are easy to follow and very effective.
I've been helping women get pregnant for 17 years.

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Pregnant Woman and Partner

Know her?

She says her husband just looks at her and she gets pregnant.

You WANT to be happy for her. But you might be thinking - why is it so easy for her and not for me?

What's her secret?

It seems like her body & mind work differently.

That's because hers are more optimized for fertility. But don't worry!!

Yours will be, too.
After The Fertility Formula, you'll be the one saying, "Honey, if you look at me, we'll get pregnant again!"

The Fertility Formula
has eight pillars that maximize your fertility:

Relaxed & Happy

You'll learn a brand new way to reduce stress & anxiety based on the science of the brain. It's called The Happie Method. You'll get tools to use 8 min twice a day to train your mind to dramatically reduce stress & anxiety.


What to eat to optimize your fertility

What you're eating every day plays a big role in your fertility. Learn exactly what to eat to turn your body into a baby making machine.


Balance your hormones naturally

Your hormones need to be balanced to put your in the best position to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. You'll get a powerful way to balance your hormones naturally.


Exactly when to have intercourse

You need to have intercourse at the exact right times to assure pregnancy. And for many women it's not when they think. You'll get 3 natural tools to pinpoint when you're ovulating so your sexy time also makes a baby.



The right type of exercise for fertility


Some exercise promotes fertility, while others block it. Here's the exercise recommended to optimize your fertility.

Essential fertility vitamins & supplements


Targeted to you! If you're not taking the right vitamins and supplements, they're not doing anything for you. They have to be in a form that can be utilized by your body.  You'll learn exactly what to take to supercharge your fertility. We'll help your partner, too!

Remove Limiting Beliefs and Blocks


You'll get a step-by-step process to remove the beliefs & thoughts that are blocking you from getting pregnant.


Reduce Your Toxins

Discover which toxins have been proven to impair fertility for both men & women so you can eliminate them.

No other fertility program is this comprehensive. If you want to get pregnant easily, all of these pillars are key.

Dr. Annie's patients are big fans...

"I got pregnant naturally within 6 months, and with twins! There aren't any twins on either side of our family. This really works!"

Claire M. 34


"We'd been trying for over five years. Once I started using Dr. Annie's tools, I felt much better, calmer, empowered and we got pregnant within a year!"
Michelle G. 39

The Fertility Formula is the secret you've been looking for - now you can take steps every day to feel empowered, supported, an in control of your fertility.

A Clear Roadmap to maximize your fertility.

You'll be guided every step of the way to maximize your success and optimize your body for fertility so you get pregnant easily.

Two LIVE group calls with Dr. Annie every week for all eight weeks

The first call of the week she will be teaching you LIVE how to supercharge your fertility.

The second weekly call will be a group coaching call where you can get your questions answered. (We like group coaching best because people will ask questions you didn't even know you had!) Can't join live? No problem, email your questions, Dr. Annie will answer them & you can watch the replay.

Recordings of all of the calls with lifetime access

Can't make one of the calls? No problem you'll have access to all of them for life.

Access to our Exclusive Facebook Community for motivation and support

No more having to go this alone! You'll have Dr. Annie and a community of women supporting you. It's a safe, positive space where you can talk about what's really going on instead of having to act like everything is fine all the time.  We will celebrate your wins and help you solve your frustrations.

How this works:

When you join during this limited time:

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Dr. Annie - what's the investment?


The only other way to work with me is my 1:1 VIP coaching that starts at $3500

Each of the Eight Modules could be a course on its own (this is not the current investment)
The Happie Method - $2995
Balance Hormones Naturally - $497
Fertility Formula Food Plan - $795
Eliminate Blocks & Limiting Beliefs - $1695
Pinpoint Exact Ovulation - $995
Exercise for Fertility - $295
The Right Fertility Supplements - $995
Eliminate Toxins - $547

The more important question might be what will it cost you NOT to join?

IVF starts @ $15,000-$35,000 for ONE round. One round has approx 33% chance of pregnancy.

Therapy $125 - $350 per session for the anxiety and depression caused by ongoing infertility.

Baby Toes

Today The Fertility Formula is just $447

Plus you get a 3-year money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose!


The Fertility Formula

You relaxed & happy

Trying to get pregnant is inherently stressful and anxiety-ridden!

You'll learn tools that will reprogram your mind and dramatically reduce your stress & anxiety. (This is a game changer for motherhood, too!)

The tools are based on the science of the brain. They will not only help you get pregnant - they'll make you a great mom!

 They leverage the science of the brain to train your mind to minimize your stress & anxiety and maximize your happiness.

Value - $2995

Pregnant Woman and Partner
Pregnant Woman

Balance Your Hormones


Get a powerful method to balance your hormones naturally.  It's very difficult to get pregnant if your hormones are off. Let's fix it.

Value $497

The Fertility Formual is different from anything you've tried.

Optimize your diet
& maximize fertility

Get the exact food plan you need to put your body

into optimal fertility mode. You'll get a list

of pregnancy superfoods, too.

Value $795

Pregnant Woman with Mother

Exactly When to Have Sex

Many women think they ovulate in the middle of their cycle or on day 14. In many cases that's not true. You will learn 3 natural methods to track exactly when you're ovulating so you can be assured your sexy time is also baby making time.

Value $995

Pregnant Woman

Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

Your limiting beliefs can hold you back from getting pregnant. You'll learn how to detect them and how to eliminate them.  Some examples are "What if I'm not meant to be a mother, I'm not good enough, This will never happen, etc. They're blocking you from getting pregnant, so let's get rid of them.

Value $1695

Baby Toes

Natural Supplements that Enhance Fertility

Sometimes your body might need additional help. Dr. Annie has you covered. She will teach you about supplements that can be essential for you. As a member of the program you'll get 10% off anything you want to order. You may not need them, but if you do it's important to know exactly what to take to maximize your fertility.

Value $595


That's a total value of $8267.00
PLUS you're getting exclusive time with Dr. Annie valued at $3152 just for the Q&A calls

Baby Toes

You can join today for just $447

Plus you get a 3-year money back guarantee so there's no risk!

The Fertility Formula

Help is finally here.

Isn't it time for your fertility struggle to end? 

With The Fertility Formula, you'll have a step-by-step blueprint that will transform your mind & body into baby making machines.

Think about it! Every great change or transformation ALWAYS begins with a decision.


Have you ever considered that one of the biggest reasons you're struggling is because you've been unwilling to do something different and back that decision with committed action? 


How valuable is it when you simply give yourself the opportunity to CHOOSE? Choose to solve this problem in a new way or not.  


And that’s what you’ll need to do: Decide.  


If you can get pregnant quickly and easily... you don’t need this... you need to be celebrating! 


But, if you're currently having challenges getting pregnant then your options are simple:


You can choose to do nothing... and then of course nothing changes. 


OR you can choose to do something different.  


You can ignore and avoid your problems altogether and hope that they will magically go away.


OR you get 100% Committed to this new solution. 


If you choose the latter, then it's time to get excited!


If you put this off, what will change? Einstein said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results".


Enroll and start seeing your fertility transform by doing something different. Something proven. Something effective.


If you wait, The Fertility Formula will pop into your mind every time you're feeling stressed about not being pregnant.


You'll eventually come back and join, but why wait?

The Fertility Formula won't be available again until 2024 and at that time the investment to enroll will have greatly increased.

Don't let procrastination win.

Wake up tomorrow feeling optimistic, motivated and confident that you're  finally on the right path.

You found The Fertility Formula for a reason.

If you're saying to yourself "this sounds incredible but I'm still not 100% sure", there's no risk!

You'll get a THREE YEAR money back guarantee. No other fertility program offers that.
Are we saying it will take you three years to get pregnant? Not at all. But many people join programs and don't take action for a while. You'll need to follow Dr. Annie's process to assure your success. If you can show that you've followed the process and aren't satisfied, you can have your money back.

If your answer is "Yes, Dr. Annie help me, too!" then I'll see you inside. We got this.

"My only regret is not finding Dr. Annie sooner! I'm still using her tools - they got me pregnant & I still use them!"
Coleen F. 45


Hi There

I'm Dr. Annie White

I've been helping women get pregnant for 17 years. I have a Doctorate in Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine so you can rest assured that everything in this program is natural & effective.


After seeing the remarkable results my patients got over many years, I combined all of my best tools into this program so I can help more women.


Trying to get pregnant can be stressful and awful. I'm on a mission to change that. I want you to feel relaxed, supported, and in control. I'm so confident you'll love this program that I offer a three-year money back guarantee - there's no other program like it.

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